High Frequency Probe Unit

High Frequency Probe UnitThe high frequency probe unit is equipped with a rotation mechanism which allows close proximity between probes enables testing of various pad arrangements. High frequency probes such as the ACP series by Form Factor (formerly Cascade Microtech) and many others are supported.

Axis E2V6151
(2 axis)
(3 axis)
(4 axis)
Max. Test Area 22.8 x 18.9″ (580x480mm)
Clamp System Pneumatic Clamp
Rotate Radius 180°
Repeatable Accuracy X-Y ±0.16mil (±4µm)
Repeatable Accuracy θ
Air Requirement Pressure: 0.5Mpa
Consumption: 0.12ft³/min (3.5ℓ/min)
Power Supply Single Phase AC200-240V
10A 50/60Hz
Single Phase AC200-240V
12A 50/60Hz
Single Phase AC200-240V
15A 50/60Hz
*excluding measurement meter
Dimensions Dimensions
Common System Requirements
System Requirements 1) Control PC & Monitor
2) Meter

  • [ Tektronix ] DSA8300, DSA8200, TDS8000, 11801B/C
  • [ Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent Technologies) ] E5063A option TDR, E5071C+ENA option TDR, 86100A/B/C, 54750, N5224B
  • [ Teledyne LeCroy ] WaveExpert100H+ST-20
  • [ MicroCraft ] MZPC30/50

Please contact our sales for details. Meters to be purchased separately.

Operating condition · Operating Conditions:
70-75°F (21-24°C), 30-70% relative humidity
 No condensation, dust, vibration nor any corrosive gas
· Atmospheric Dew Point: -14°C or below (at 0.7Mpa, dew point is 15°C or below)
· Oil Mist Concentration: 1mg/㎥ (ANR) or below