MicroCraft TDR飛針測試機 TDR4033

Axis 1 axis 2 axis
Max. Test Area
[vacuuming area]
12.6 x 10.6″
9.6 x 10.6″
Clamping Method Vacuuming / TDR Multi Clamp
Rotate Radius 325° (In case of Single Probe)
235° (In case of Differential Probe set at 90°)
145° (In case of Differential Probe set at 180°)
Repeatable Accuracy X-Y ±0.12mil (±3µm)
Repeatable Accuracy θ
Impedance Accuracy *1 50Ω±1%
Air Requirement Pressure:0.5Mpa, Consumption:1.5ft³/min(42ℓ/min)
Power Supply Single Phase AC200-240V 5A 50/60Hz
Weight 2160lbs. (980kg) 2205lbs. (1000Kg)
Dimensions Dimensions
*1 Calibration allows room temperature variation of ±2°C.
Common System Requirements
System Requirements 1) Control PC & Monitor
2) Meter

  • [ Tektronix ] DSA8300, DSA8200, TDS8000, 11801B/C
  • [ Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent Technologies) ] E5063A option TDR, E5071C+ENA option TDR, 86100A/B/C, 54750
  • [ Teledyne LeCroy ] WaveExpert100H+ST-20
  • [ MicroCraft ] MZPC30/50

Please contact our sales for details. Meters to be purchased separately.

Operating condition · Operating temperature: 0-+40°C.,
· Storing temperature: 0-+50°C.,
No condensation, dust, vibration nor any corrosive gas
· Atmospheric Dew Point: -14°C or below (at 0.7Mpa, dew point is 15°C or below)
· Oil Mist Concentration: 1mg/㎥ (ANR) or below